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Solar Rooftop

In urban and rural India, millions of homes and commercial buildings have rooftops that receive using solar panel during the day. These are ideal for harnessing the sun’s energy by converting it into electric power.

1 on grid

2 off grid


Solar Street Light & High Mast

We provide best solar LED  street  light, now a days solar street  lights people using in street and  parks and stadium for night matches .Light plays an important role in our lives. It not only saves money on your current electricity bills but also saves the environment.

Solar Geyser

A solar water heater is a unique category of geysers that utilizes sun rays to function. These are widely preferred for their low cost of operation and eco-friendly nature saves.  we also provide with customized solar water heating systems for commercial purpose  like hotels, factories, and hospitals.

Solar Pump/Dual Pump

Solar water pumps minimize the dependence on electricity A number of activities, including land preparation, seeding, irrigation, and harvesting,  and agriculture field requires Solar Pump. Solar panels provide a clean energy source for pumping groundwater.

Solar Fencing Zatka Machine

With having fiber body it resists current, completely Chhattisgarh made attribute allow us to repair even after warranty over.

Smart solar energy system

We are trusted experts in this Filed.

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Our goal is to make your transition to solar as easy as possible.